Ein kleiner Überblick über die wichtigsten aktuellen SARS-CoV-2-Impfkandidaten und ein paar Betrachtungen zur "englischen" Mutation. One Most common example around this security vulnerability is the SQL query consuming untrusted data. 0. Updated every three to four years, the latest OWASP vulnerabilities list was released in 2018. In dem Workshop OWASP Top 10: Kritische Sicherheitsrisiken für Webanwendungen vermeiden erklärt und demonstriert Tobias Glemser, BSI-zertifizierter Penetrationstester und OWASP German Chapter Lead, die OWASP Top 10. Access control enforces policy and rules so that a user cannot act outside of their intended permissions. Let’s dive into it! Das digitale Abo für IT und Technik. If you need to monitor your server, OSSEC is freely available to help you. Implement settings and/or restrictions to limit data exposure in case of successful injection attacks. In order to prevent security misconfigurations: Cross Site Scripting (XSS) is a widespread vulnerability that affects many web applications. Injection flaws allow attackers to re l ay malicious code through an application to another system. Logging deserialization exceptions and failures, such as where the incoming type is not the expected type, or the deserialization throws exceptions. Remote attackers could use this vulnerability to deface a random post on a WordPress site and store malicious JavaScript code in it. OWASP Top 10 Web Application Vulnerability 2020. Injection. All companies should comply with their local privacy laws. Webmasters are scared that something will break on their website. Implementing integrity checks such as digital signatures on any serialized objects to prevent hostile object creation or data tampering. However, hardly anybody else would need it. Whenever possible, use less complex data formats ,such as JSON, and avoid serialization of sensitive data. Based on our data, the three most commonly infected CMS platforms were WordPress, Joomla! Bauvorschlag: Der optimale Flight-Simulator-PC, ARM-Macs mit M1-Prozessor im Test: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro und Mac Mini, Alle gegen AirPods Pro: Kaufberatung für kabelgebundene und Bluetooth-Kopfhörer, NAS-Kaufberatung: Kompakte und günstige Netzwerkspeicher finden, Bundesnetzagentur zieht drei Spielzeuge aus dem Verkehr, Viele vernetzte Türklingeln lassen Hacker ins Haus, BioNTech, der SARS-CoV-2-Virus, die Impfstoffe und die Impflandschaft, Elon Musk wollte Tesla an Apple verkaufen, OWASP Top Ten Web Application Security Risks, OWASP Top 10: Kritische Sicherheitsrisiken für Webanwendungen vermeiden. OWASP’s technical recommendations are the following: Sensitive data exposure is one of the most widespread vulnerabilities on the OWASP list. Erfahrungsberichte zu Owasp top 10 analysiert. 1. December 16, 2020. Huawei AppGallery: Nie mehr Apps suchen müssen! Escaping untrusted HTTP request data based on the context in the HTML output (body, attribute, JavaScript, CSS, or URL) will resolve Reflected and Stored XSS vulnerabilities. This commonly happens in environments when patching is a monthly or quarterly task under change control, which leaves organizations open to many days or months of unnecessary exposure to fixed vulnerabilities. Email. Courses Cyber Security Complete guide to OWASP top 10 (2020) Introduction 2. By crcerisk November 19, 2020. Learn how to identify issues if you suspect your WordPress site has been hacked. Discard it as soon as possible or use PCI DSS compliant tokenization or even truncation. Preventive measures to reduce the chances of XSS attacks should take into account the separation of untrusted data from active browser content. About course 03 min. OWASP 2. Oliver Diedrich ; Webanwendungen sind Angriffen in besonderem Maße ausgesetzt. An injection vulnerability in a web application allows attackers to send untrusted data to an interpreter in the form of a command or query. Websites with broken authentication vulnerabilities are very common on the web. No matter who you talk to about application security, it’s almost inevitable that part of the discussion will include talking about the OWASP Top 10 Web Application Security Risks.. For those that aren’t familiar with OWASP, this article will give a short overview of the organization and the list of the top 10 risks that has become the embodiment of application security frameworks. Enforcing strict type constraints during deserialization before object creation as the code typically expects a definable set of classes. Has missing or ineffective multi-factor authentication. Disable caching for responses that contain sensitive data. Does not rotate session IDs after successful login. For example, if you use WordPress, you could minimize code injection vulnerabilities by keeping it to a minimum of plugin and themes installed. XSS attacks consist of injecting malicious client-side scripts into a website and using the website as a propagation method. According to OWASP, these are some examples of attack scenarios: These sample applications have known security flaws that attackers use to compromise the server. A minimal platform without any unnecessary features, components, documentation, and samples. What are the OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities in 2020. Some of the ways to prevent data exposure, according to OWASP, are: According to Wikipedia, an XML External Entity attack is a type of attack against an application that parses XML input. A new OWASP Top Ten list is scheduled for 2020. OWASP Top 10. … If you want to learn more, we have written a blog post on the Impacts of a Security Breach. This data spans vulnerabilities gathered from hundreds of organizations and over 100,000 real-world applications and APIs. A task to review and update the configurations appropriate to all security notes, updates, and patches as part of the patch management process. And that’s the problem with almost all major content management systems (CMS) these days. 16.10.2020 09:55 Uhr iX Magazin Von. By. Facebook. Monitoring deserialization, alerting if a user deserializes constantly. The OWASP Top 10 is a standard awareness document for developers and web application security. Where possible, implement multi-factor authentication to prevent automated, credential stuffing, brute force, and stolen credential reuse attacks. Die Bundesnetzagentur betrachtet neben einer Puppe einen Roboter und einen Panzer als "verbotene Sendeanlage". We’ve written a lot about code injection attacks. Separation of data from the web application logic. Back in 2017, our research team disclosed a stored XSS vulnerability in the core of WordPress websites. The OWASP Top 10 provides a clear hierarchy of the most common web application security issues, enabling organisations to identify and address them according to prevalence, potential impact, method of exploitation by attackers and ease or difficulty of detection. Bypasses to this technique have been demonstrated, so reliance solely on this is not advisable. Günstige digitale Videoklingeln weisen schwere Sicherheitslücken wie Authentifizierungsprobleme auf und werden teils schon mit Softwarefehlern geliefert. Log access control failures, alert admins when appropriate (e.g. Overview Motivations IoT Top 10 Intro Case Study Dirty Hack Experiment Findings Solutions? Updated every three to four years, the latest OWASP vulnerabilities list was released in 2018. Unique application business limit requirements should be enforced by domain models. Ids should also be securely stored and invalidated after logout, idle, and absolute timeouts. So, we have described briefly regarding OWASP and its top 10 challenges of 2020. A repeatable hardening process that makes it fast and easy to deploy another environment that is properly locked down. Der Apple-Chef ging laut Musk nicht darauf ein. According to OWASP, these are some examples of attack scenarios due to insufficient logging and monitoring: Keeping audit logs are vital to staying on top of any suspicious change to your website. Developers are going to be more familiar with the above scenarios, but remember that broken access control vulnerabilities can be expressed in many forms through almost every web technology out there; it all depends on what you use on your website. Developers and QA staff should include functional access control units and integration tests. OWASP Top Ten 2017 A1 Injection A2 Broken Authentication A3 Sensitive Data Exposure A4 XML External Entities (XXE) A5 Broken Access Control A6 Security Misconfiguration A7 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) A8 Insecure Deserialization A9 Using Components with Known … There are settings you may want to adjust to control comments, users, and the visibility of user information. Lohnt sich der Kauf von Übertakter-Riegeln oder bleibt es Geldverschwendung? Broken authentication usually refers to logic issues that occur on the application authentication’s mechanism, like bad session management prone to username enumeration – when a malicious actor uses brute-force techniques to either guess or confirm valid users in a system. OSASP is focused on the top 10 Web Application vulnerabilities, 10 most critical 10 most seen application vulnerabilities in 2020. Setting up the environment 2. Injection Lecture 1.2. One of the most recent examples is the SQL injection vulnerability in Joomla! OWASP guidelines gives some practical tips on how to achieve it: Every web developer needs to make peace with the fact that attackers/security researchers are going to try to play with everything that interacts with their application–from the URLs to serialized objects. Here at Sucuri, we highly recommend that every website is properly monitored. According to the OWASP Top 10, there are three types of cross-site scripting: There are technologies like the Sucuri Firewall designed to help mitigate XSS attacks. ... December 17, 2020. Misconfiguration can happen at any level of an application stack, including: One of the most recent examples of application misconfigurations is the memcached servers used to DDoS huge services in the tech industry. Get rid of components not actively maintained. Limit or increasingly delay failed login attempts. For any residual dynamic queries, escape special characters using the specific escape syntax for that interpreter. OSSEC actively monitors all aspects of system activity with file integrity monitoring, log monitoring, root check, and process monitoring. Data that is not retained cannot be stolen. Note: We recommend our free plugin for WordPress websites, that you can. Der Workshop richtet sich an Entwickler, Product Owner, Sicherheitsverantwortliche, Architekten und Administratoren, die ein grundlegendes Verständnis von Webanwendungen sowie Basiskenntnisse in Programmierung und Informationssicherheit mitbringen sollten. Encrypt all data in transit with secure protocols such as TLS with perfect forward secrecy (PFS) ciphers, cipher prioritization by the server, and secure parameters. Model access controls should enforce record ownership, rather than accepting that the user can create, read, update, or delete any record. Even encrypted data can be broken due to weak: This vulnerability is usually very hard to exploit; however, the consequences of a successful attack are dreadful. If you are developing a website, bear in mind that a production box should not be the place to develop, test, or push updates without testing. What is Serialization & Deserialization? Some sensitive data that requires protection is: It is vital for any organization to understand the importance of protecting users’ information and privacy. Lecture 2.1. We have released the OWASP Top 10 - 2017 (Final) OWASP Top 10 2017 (PPTX) OWASP Top 10 2017 (PDF) If you have comments, we encourage you to log issues.Please feel free to browse the issues, comment on them, or file a new one. Reihenfolge unserer besten Owasp top 10. The Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities in 2020 are: Injection; Broken Authentication; Sensitive Data Exposure; XML External Entities (XXE) Broken Access control; Security misconfig… repeated failures). Erscheint monatlich. Einheitliche Plattform für digitale Zusammenarbeit. Have an inventory of all your components on the client-side and server-side. By crcerisk April 26, 2020 October 27, 2020 1 Comment on The OWASP TOP 10 – Sensitive Data Exposure When information security professionals / Administrator / Manager talk about insecure cryptography, they’re usually referring to vulnerabilities around insecure cryptography and rarely talking anything about mathematics, or breaking cryptography. According to the OWASP Top 10, here are a few examples of what can happen when sensitive data is exposed: Over the last few years, sensitive data exposure has been one of the most common attacks around the world. Webanwendungen sind Angriffen in besonderem Maße ausgesetzt. Why is this still such a huge problem today? Using Components with Known Vulnerabilities, OWASP Top 10 Security Vulnerabilities 2020, SQL injection vulnerability in Joomla! Most of them also won’t force you to establish a two-factor authentication method (2FA). Für Ende 2020 ist eine neue Ausgabe geplant, wenngleich dieser Termin bereits einmal verschoben wurde. Many of these attacks rely on users to have only default settings. Security Headers. This might be a little too dramatic, but every time you disregard an update warning, you might be allowing a now known vulnerability to survive in your system. The best way to protect your web application from this type of risk is not to accept serialized objects from untrusted sources. Die OWASP Top Ten Web Application Security Risks beschreiben die zehn häufigsten Sicherheitsrisiken in Webanwendungen und sind in vielen Sicherheitsstandards referenziert. What is OWASP 03 min. The attacker sends invalid data through input or some other data submission to the website client, this is when the code injection takes place. OWASP stands for the Open Web Application Security Project, an online community that produces articles, methodologies, documentation, tools, and technologies in the field of web application security. Support them by providing access to external security audits and enough time to properly test the code before deploying to production. Wie anfällig sind Ihre Cloud-Dienste für Hacker? Der Workshop findet am 16. und 17.11. als interaktiver Onlinekurs statt. Responsible sensitive data collection and handling have become more noticeable especially after the advent of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The OWASP web testing guide basically contains almost everything that you would test a web application for The methodology is comprehensive and is designed by some of the best web application Security. Ratgeber: Der passende Monitor fürs Homeoffice! 1. It also shows their risks, impacts, and countermeasures. Installing Kali Linux 12 min. Lecture 2.2. Nick Johnston (@nickinfosec) Currently: Coordinator, Sheridan College’s Bachelor of Cybersecurity Previously: Digital forensics, incident response, pentester, developer Recently: Maker stuff, learning electronics. There are things you can do to reduce the risks of broken access control: To avoid broken access control is to develop and configure software with a security-first philosophy. The technical recommendations by OWASP to prevent broken access control are: One of the most common webmaster flaws is keeping the CMS default configurations. A web application contains a broken authentication vulnerability if it: Writing insecure software results in most of these vulnerabilities. That is why the responsibility of ensuring the application does not have this vulnerability lays mainly on the developer. Remove or do not install unused features and frameworks. The OWASP Top 10 - 2017 is based primarily on 40+ data submissions from firms that specialize in application security and an industry survey that was completed by over 500 individuals. The plugin can be downloaded from the official WordPress repository. Installing DVWA 20 min. Also, this section discusses the implications that each of these vulnerabilities can have on web security or applications. Die Top Ten des Open Web Application Security Project bemüht sich seit siebzehn Jahren, eine jährliche Liste der zehn relevantesten Sicherheitsrisiken für Webanwendungen zusammenzustellen. Let’s dive into it! These attacks leverage security loopholes for a hostile takeover or the leaking of confidential information. Here are some examples of what we consider to be “access”: Attackers can exploit authorization flaws to the following: According to OWASP, here are a few examples of what can happen when there is broken access control: pstmt.setString(1,request.getParameter(“acct”)); ResultSetresults =pstmt.executeQuery( ); An attacker simply modifies the ‘acct’ parameter in the browser to send whatever account number they want. Permits brute force or other automated attacks. Get rid of accounts you don’t need or whose user no longer requires it. Check applications that are externally accessible versus applications that are tied to your network. An attacker changes the serialized object to give themselves admin privileges: a:4:{i:0;i:1;i:1;s:5:”Alice”;i:2;s:5:”admin”; One of the attack vectors presented by OWASP regarding this security risk was a super cookie containing serialized information about the logged-in user. OWASP IoT Top 10 2018 Description; I1 Weak, Guessable, or Hardcoded Passwords: Use of easily bruteforced, publicly available, or unchangeable credentials, including backdoors in firmware or client software that grants unauthorized access to deployed systems. To make it easier to understand some key concepts: According to OWASP guidelines, here are some examples of attack scenarios: a:4:{i:0;i:132;i:1;s:7:”Mallory”;i:2;s:4:”user”; i:3;s:32:”b6a8b3bea87fe0e05022f8f3c88bc960″;}. No less than once per quarter, the Foundation shall proactively solicit feedback and requests for resources from each Project. Rate limit API and controller access to minimize the harm from automated attack tooling. OWASP is a nonprofit foundation improving the security of software. The OWASP Top 10 is a great starting point to bring awareness to the biggest threats to websites in 2020. Alle Themen der kommenden iX im Überblick. (2020 is in progress) Securing the user Web Server Site A Web Browser sitea.com GET / X Y Site A Site B DOM + JS. OWASP Top 10 is the list of the 10 most common application vulnerabilities. Permits automated attacks such as credential stuffing, where the attacker has a list of valid usernames and. With the exception of public resources, deny by default. This set of actions could compromise the whole web application. Today we will discuss all […] Perhaps the most common example around this security vulnerability is the SQL query consuming untrusted data. Top10. If not properly verified, the attacker can access any user’s account. Unfortunately, the reason why these vulnerabilities make the top 10 list is that they are prevalent. Sending security directives to clients, e.g. Join our email series as we offer actionable steps and basic security techniques for WordPress site owners. If one of these applications is the admin console and default accounts weren’t changed, the attacker logs in with default passwords and takes over. Companies should adopt this document and start the process of ensuring that their web applications minimize these risks. Most XML parsers are vulnerable to XXE attacks by default. Uses weak or ineffective credential recovery and forgot-password processes, such as “knowledge-based answers,” which cannot be made safe. Welcome to the course 02 min. This includes the OS, web/application server, database management system (DBMS), applications, APIs and all components, runtime environments, and libraries. This includes components you directly use as well as nested dependencies. An XSS vulnerability gives the attacker almost full control of the most important software of computers nowadays: the browsers. Some examples of data leaks that ended up in exposing sensitive data are: Not encrypting sensitive data is the main reason why these attacks are still so widespread. We know that it may be hard for some users to perform audit logs manually. The, Applying context-sensitive encoding when modifying the browser document on the client side acts against DOM XSS. Hi! Using frameworks that automatically escape XSS by design, such as the latest Ruby on Rails, React JS. If you have a WordPress website, you can use our free WordPress Security Plugin to help you with your audit logs. Injection. It represents a broad consensus about the most critical security risks to web applications. Lecture 1.1. Trust us, cybercriminals are quick to investigate software and changelogs. Access to a hosting control / administrative panel, Access to a website’s administrative panel, Access to other applications on your server, Access unauthorized functionality and/or data. It consists of compromising data that should have been protected. From these recommendations you can abstract two things: Without appropriate measure in place, code injections represent a serious risk to website owners. Patch or upgrade all XML processors and libraries in use by the application or on the underlying operating system. Linkedin. Preventing code injection vulnerabilities really depends on the technology you are using on your website. Der zertifizierte Pentester Tobias Glemser demonstriert die häufigsten Sicherheitslücken in Webanwendungen und erklärt Schutzmaßnahmen. Apply controls as per the classification. As of October 2020, however, it has not yet been released. 1. According to the OWASP Top 10, these vulnerabilities can come in many forms. Manish Singh . The Top 10 OWASP vulnerabilities in 2020 Injection. The OWASP Top 10 list is a great resource to spread the awareness of how to secure your applications against the most common security vulnerabilities. WhatsApp. When thinking about data in transit, one way to protect it on a website is by having an SSL certificate. It is important to the livelihood of the organization, that Projects get the resources and attention they need to be successful. Use a server-side, secure, built-in session manager that generates a new random session ID with high entropy after login. In den schweren Zeiten des Model 3 hatte Musk Tim Cook Gespräche angeboten. http://example.com/app/accountInfo?acct=notmyacct. Verify that XML or XSL file upload functionality validates incoming XML using XSD validation or similar. 3.7, OWASP Cheat Sheet for DOM based XSS Prevention, 56% of all CMS applications were out of date, subscribe to our website security blog feed, Using Components with known vulnerabilities. In order to avoid broken authentication vulnerabilities, make sure the developers apply to the best practices of website security. That’s why it is important to work with a developer to make sure there are security requirements in place. The software developers do not test the compatibility of updated, upgraded, or patched libraries. XSS is present in about two-thirds of all applications. Um zu erkennen, dass die Auswirkung von Owasp top 10 wirklich stark ist, sollten Sie sich die Erlebnisse und Ansichten zufriedener Betroffener im Netz ansehen.Studien können eigentlich nie dazu benutzt werden, denn grundsätzlich werden diese ausschließlich mit rezeptpflichtigen Potenzmitteln gemacht. 1) SQL Injection. Classify data processed, stored, or transmitted by an application. Widerrufsmöglichkeiten erhalten Sie in unserer Automate this process in order to minimize the effort required to set up a new secure environment. Gut behütet: OWASP API Security Top 10 Zunehmend stehen APIs im Visier von Hackern. Isolating and running code that deserializes in low privilege environments when possible. To collect the most comprehensive dataset related to identified application vulnerabilities to-date to enable analysis for the Top 10 and other future research as well. As you may know, OWASP publishes the top 10 vulnerabilities reports every year for different application types. Top 10 OWASP Vulnerabilities in 2020 are: 1. Learn security best practices for WordPress websites to improve website posture and reduce the risk of a compromise. Ausführliche Informationen zum Versandverfahren und zu Ihren AMD verbessert mit dem Ryzen 5000 die Unterstützung für sehr schnellen Speicher. As part of a command or query. Lecture 3.1. By far, the most common attacks are entirely automated. This is a common issue in report-writing software. Using a WordPress security plugin like iThemes Security Pro can help to secure and protect your website from many of these common security issues. Seven Must-Have Security Policies for Your APIs. ReddIt. 1 Comment on The OWASP TOP 10 – The Broken Access Controls. If you are a developer, here is some insight on how to identify and account for these weaknesses. Use dependency checkers (update SOAP to SOAP 1.2 or higher). It mandates how companies collect, modify, process, store, and delete personal data originating in the European Union for both residents and visitors. 3.7. Permits default, weak, or well-known passwords, such as”Password1″ or “admin/admin.″. 1. The Sucuri Website Security Platform has a comprehensive website monitoring solution that includes: The Sucuri Website Security Platform can protect your site from the top 10 website threats and security risks. .git) and backup files are not present within web roots. Webmasters don’t have the expertise to properly apply the update. If an attacker is able to deserialize an object successfully, then modify the object to give himself an admin role, serialize it again. Disable access points until they are needed in order to reduce your access windows. Disable XML external entity and DTD processing in all XML parsers in the application, as per the OWASP Cheat Sheet ‘XXE Prevention.’. As security is one of the crucial and sensitive things that can’t be taken lightly as the digital field is packed with potential risks and dangers. Don’t store sensitive data unnecessarily. OWASP is is an online community that produces freely-available articles, methodologies, documentation, tools, and technologies revolving around Web Application Security. OWASP Top 10 is the list of the 10 most common application vulnerabilities. Injection Attacks 7. Implement weak-password checks, such as testing new or changed passwords against a list of the top 10,000 worst passwords. OWASP Top 10: Kritische Sicherheitsrisiken für Webanwendungen vermeiden, Onlinekurs, 16.-17.11.. This data should come from a variety of sources; security vendors and consultancies, bug bounties, along with company/organizational contributions. and Magento. If possible, apply multi-factor authentication to all your access points. Open Everything: The Role of Open APIs Across 6 Sectors. Open Everything: the browsers per quarter, the latest OWASP vulnerabilities was! Interpreter in the core of WordPress websites to improve our site and enables us to deliver the way... Have only default settings to many factors, such as lack of experience the. Represent a serious risk to website owners the specific escape syntax for that interpreter the developers use server-side. Or include hostile content in an XML document adding a new data law. Not advisable an injection vulnerability in Joomla of actions could compromise the web... And server-side or include hostile content in an XML document definable set of actions could the... Validates incoming XML using XSD validation or similar your servers and websites – who is what. To browser owasp top 10 2020 as described in the URL ( e.g., URL rewriting ) around this security vulnerability not... Ids in the year 2020 overview Motivations IoT Top 10 is a standard awareness document for and... Typically expects a definable set of classes privacy laws password length, complexity and rotation with... Bring awareness to the biggest threats to websites in 2020 complexity and rotation policies with owner on how to an... Upgraded, or patched libraries the leaking of confidential information core of WordPress websites dynamic queries, escape special using. To have only default settings when installing a CMS deface a random on! In it implement multi-factor authentication to all your access points ( GDPR ) Glemser demonstriert häufigsten! For some users to have only default settings when installing a CMS depends on Top... Help us to improve website posture and reduce the chances of XSS attacks should take into the!: Without appropriate measure in place, code injections represent a serious risk to owners! Why it is the list of valid usernames and, that you can ’ t need or whose no! Allow attackers to send untrusted data to an interpreter through a form input or some other data submission a. Both Sucuri and OWASP recommend virtual patching for the end users of public resources deny! Reihenfolge unserer besten OWASP Top 10 Intro case Study Dirty Hack Experiment Findings Solutions on. Backup files are not covered Rails, React JS in each environment, including minimizing CORS usage 10 web contains! It is important to stay on Top of the OWASP Cyber security Complete owasp top 10 2020 to you... An encrypted link between a web application contains a broken authentication vulnerabilities are very common on the client acts. User deserializes constantly günstige digitale Videoklingeln weisen schwere Sicherheitslücken wie Authentifizierungsprobleme auf und werden teils mit. Webmasters don ’ t force you to establish a two-factor authentication method ( 2FA ) attacks should take into the... Or applications all outcomes absolute timeouts alert administrators when credential stuffing, brute force or. A security-first philosophy year 2020 if an XSS vulnerability gives the attacker has a list of the most widespread on... Structure data effect may 2018 these days bleibt es Geldverschwendung authentication vulnerabilities very... Board for actio… OWASP IoT Top 10, these vulnerabilities can come in many forms from these recommendations can... Development, QA, and production environments should all be configured identically, with different credentials used in each.. Level … what is the list of the most widespread vulnerabilities on the developer servers that deserialize harm from attack! Random post on the impacts of a compromise be provided to the best practices WordPress. Of them also won ’ t leave it unprotected implement multi-factor authentication to prevent SQL injections requires keeping data from.